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Discover the exceptional wines selected by our Head Sommelier. Proud of the bonds of friendship and trust that unite La Tour d’Argent and its winemakers, he pays tribute to their work, know-how, and passion.

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Our great selection of red and white wines has been thought to treat your guests and yourself at all times. Through the favorites of our expert team of sommeliers, discover the most significant French regions, from the Bordeaux vineyard to Languedoc, passing by Beaujolais, the Rhone Valley, the Loire Valley, and Burgundy. The Epicerie Tour d’Argent offers you wines from all regions online, and safe delivery at home. Find the ideal bottle by exploring our online cellar, the result of the winemakers’ rigor, and the high quality of the terroirs. The pleasure of the senses, aromas of excellence... both amateurs and connoisseurs will be seduced. The Head Sommelier of Tour d’Argent traces his own starred wine route and puts French artisans and producers under the spotlight.

Victor González chooses with care the best bottles of organic wine and biodynamic wines, to taste and share. His selection is perfectly balanced between his knowledge of wine trends, his favorites, and your expectations, with special attention to the winegrower philosophy. He puts the highlight on less represented regions and makes you discover talents of tomorrow, meanwhile respecting the historic guiding line of our House, by pursuing and reinforcing trust bonds forged with our partner winemakers. We invite you now to meet the Domaines Thillardon, Mas Amiel, Les Entrefaux, Mirmanda, Frédéric Berne, and the castles La Brande, Fosse-Sèche, and Moulin Pey-Labrie.

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