La Cave Tour d'Argent - Enter the magical world of our legendary cellars

Wine cellar

The bottles peacefully age in our cellars. Time passes and some labels may be slightly damaged or more faded than the online visual. Let yourself charm by the effect of time on the wine.

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Rare rum
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Champagne A. Bergère
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Orléans White
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Champagne Tour d'Argent
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1/2 Pomerol
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Distilled gin
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the cellar

Enter the magical world of our legendary cellar, considered one of the most beautiful showcases of French enology thanks to the most famous as well as the most confidential appellations, and let yourself be guided... Our Head Sommelier Victor González selects from among our 300,000 bottles and 15,000 references, great wines, legendary wines, and exceptional bottles but also nuggets that he will share with you and that you will be able to taste at their peak or let age and improve with time. His private selections are the most representative expression of all the French wine regions, and their objective is to make you live precious moments; a unique experience of pure emotion and sharing.

Our exceptional bottles, aged in our legendary cellars, are raised in perfect conservation conditions and are all marked with the seal of the Tour d'Argent, the soul supplement par excellence, guaranteeing an impeccable origin. The bonds of friendship that unite us with the men of the land and the vineyard allow us to offer you rare and unique collections that make us proud, as well as a collection of Tour d'Argent wines that give you access to a world of pleasure. Let your eyes wander through our selections in our boutique or online and choose excellence. 

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