Exclusive desserts of Tour d'Argent


Our biscuits and jams are the perfect companions for gourmet pleasure. Those ancient recipes twisted by the Tour d'Argent cooks will please adults and children thanks to their authentic taste.

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For a break highlighting delicious artisanal specialties, think about our collection of biscuits and original creations. Recipe of pure butter shortbreads, Petit Beurre biscuits,  chocolate sanded cookies in their metal box, or Crepes Mademoiselle, originally flambéed in the mythical restaurant Tour d’Argent, put light on the French Art de Vivre. The expertise of the producers, traditional recipes, and artisanal fabrication are for us the key ingredients for the pleasure of young and old.

Enjoy our sweets from breakfast to dinner. All amateurs of fine food products will for sure enjoy our gourmet recipes, crispy and melting at the same time. If you are looking for gift ideas, our recipe of Mount Gay rum baba, the oldest rum brand in the world, will seduce the finest palates, along with our Cognac babas. Babas and dry biscuits, coffee, tea and infusions, jams and spreads, find the best fine food specialties on the Epicerie Tour d’Argent.

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