Foie gras

Foie gras

Prepared in the kitchens of the restaurant La Tour d'Argent or by the care of our craftsman, our foie gras are a gastronomic experience in its own right that will make you rediscover the authentic and noble taste of this delicate dish.

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Whole duck foie gras - 210g
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foie gras

Prepared with care by the French house Feyel Artzner established in Alsace in 1811, our foie gras is a gastronomic experience that will make you rediscover the genuine and noble taste of this recipe. To offer you a delicate foie gras without equal, we work with this historic and trustworthy institution that distinguishes itself for 200 years for its traditional expertise, transmitted from generation to generation. Being de-veined cold by the cooks of the House, the foie gras shows no imperfection. Each product is made artisanally and seasoned with our blend of thirteen spices whose composition remains secret. Celebrate French Art de Vivre and good eating while enjoying these exceptional products on a pure butter brioche or on a slice of slightly toasted country bread with a pinch of salt.

Discover the expertise of our farmers and producers who offer you exceptional foie gras according to traditional expertise. The Epicerie Tour d’Argent imagined recipes in respect of tradition, some are also served in the gastronomic restaurant. Whole duck foie gras, whole goose foie gras, and truffled foie gras of the Three Emperors will sublimate the experience of your guests during festive times. Traceable origin, transparency of the compositions, and rare flavors make our terrines a memorable tasteful joy. Heiress of French hospitality and moved by a true passion for gastronomy, the Tour d’Argent naturally developed a range of unique recipes along with time, exclusively created for our deli shop. Take advantage of the Epicerie Tour d'Argent to go shopping, enjoy fine food products and taste the excellence of our starred restaurant at home.

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