Our artisans of excellence

Each product is sourced and echoes the Tour d'Argent DNA: origin, quality & taste.

We explored each and every French region to find the best artisans, whose unique expertise and passion are to be found in the products we propose. Both our sweet and savory products are made with carefully chosen ingredients, and cooked following the recipes of our Chef Yannick Franques.

Learn more about the bonds of friendship and trust we built with our artisans, that allow us to offer you the very best.


Rue Traversette (Saint-André-de-Sangonis)

Head full of ideas and a certain taste for good products incited Stéphane Strobl to start cooking his own recipes.

The cannery favors local and biological sourcing and uses fresh veggies, along with prohibiting preservatives, colorants, and artificial aromas.

The creativity of Stéphane and our Chef Yannick Franques gave birth to exclusive recipes, twisted with rigorously chosen aromatic herbs and cooked with love under the sun of the South-West.


Le Carré des Huiles (Vallée des Baux-de-Provence)

Xavier Alazard was born the head into the olives. Following the path of several generations before him, he took over his parents' exploitation full-time in 2016, and still perpetuates the expertise he inherited, through a unique heritage in the Alpilles.

Committed to sustainable farming, he practices the grassing of the parcels, watering respectfully of the environment, and maintaining enough space between each tree to guarantee their well-being.

It is more his spontaneous and warm personality than the exceptional aromatic range of his oils and attachment to a unique terroir that seduced us. Along with time,  Xavier naturally allocated us a Tour d'Argent plot, dedicated to the production of the olive varietals Aglandau, Grossane, and Picholine.


La Guinelle (Cosprons)

Ideally located above the Calanque of Paulilles near Spain, the artisanal and bio vinegar factory was founded in 1999. Chandra who succeeded the passionate Nathalie Lefort proceeds to a double fermentation, one year in oak barrels, and then inside glass tanks exposed to the Mediterranean sun, which gives the vinegar all its character. A traditional method allowing is to keep powerful and fruity aromas, for high-end vinegar that will highlight all your dishes.


La Moutarderie Charentaise (Gourvillette)

The artisanal exploitation was founded in 1998 in the small village of Gourvillette by the Master Artisan Jérôme Dumoulin. This title is the highest distinction in the artisanship sector and rewards both approach and expertise. It is Nathalie Courrèges who succeeded him twenty years later.

A careful selection of mustard seeds, stone grinding, and delicate seasoning is at the cornerstone of the Moutarderie. Their respect for traditions and high-quality requirements are values that are directly echoed in our House!


Emmanuel Ryon (Paris)

The Head pastry Chef was cradled by the culinary talent of his family from his childhood. He became French Best Craftsman Ice-Cream in 2000 and won the prestigious World Champion Pastry title too.

Attached to the recipes of French pastry, he realizes our delicious babas with expertise and from the best ingredients, according to the unique recipe of our Chef.


Biscuiterie Le Dréan (Guégon)

The Britain biscuit factory is among the most former biscuit masters and perpetuates a true tradition of excellence.

Churned butter, Guerande salt, local flour, and extra fresh eggs... Our biscuits pay tribute to their terroir and taste homemade!

Quality, rigor, and authenticity are put at the service of your palate to make you travel the time of a gourmet tea time. Our chocolate chip or plain shortbreads will also do wonders to compose your desserts and accompany ice creams and sorbets.


Maison Perrotte (Vaudelnay)

The jam artisan Stéphan Perrotte inherited the passion for jam-making from his grandmothers. Until now, he is the only one to have won the contest of Best French Jam Maker, and the title of World Champion Jam, among multiple other distinctions. Always looking for the best fruits, spices, and aromatic herbs, his remarkable ingredients and game of textures illustrate his mastery and experience of cooking sciences and restore its glory and authentic taste to jam.


Clément Hamette (Bourron-Marlotte)

Looking after a thousand hives he practices transhumance, which consists in moving them according to seasons and blossoms in order to propose exceptional kinds of honey from the best terroirs.

Three Tour d'Argent jars resulted from this savoir-faire: acacia, sunflower, and spring honey, along with pollen of flowers, which is excellent for health.

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Maison Naja (Marseille)

Kourken Najarian created her company in 1922 and left it to her son thirty years later. The latter developed the torrefaction of the imported dried fruits and therefore was the first actor in this field in France. The third generation has nowadays taken the lead.

The fruits are chosen for their quality and come from the greatest origins and latest harvest . The family favors sourcing in France and around the Mediterranean Sea. The nuts are processed artisanally and according to tradition.

Our spread is organic and does not contain palm oil. Sweet and super unctuous, it reveals an irresistible taste thanks to a careful selection of hazelnuts and the care accorded to its preparation.


Lissip (Paris)

Lissip was founded by Elise who was aiming to create a natural and refined brand, the fruit of traditional expertise at the service of bold recipes.

Ingredients from responsible cooperatives, artisanal production, and authentic taste are the cornerstone of her exceptional syrups. The fruits and vegetables are directly pressed into juices before being reduced into syrup, a process offering an explosion of original still well-balanced flavors, full of taste and spices.

Our team worked a long time to find the ideal balance of aromas in the Mademoiselle syrup, made in the Parisian atelier of Lissip.


Emmanuel Burlot (Saint-Jean-d’Arves)

Emmanuel is patient, passionate, and a nature lover. The farmer-picker installed 1500 meters high at the heart of the mountain range of the Aiguilles d'Arves harvests by hand the local wild plants in Spring, in places Men have never been that he discovered over time; it is a privileged moment immersed in nature. When the plants do not grow on the mountain, he cultivates them in his aromatic garden. They are then let to dry for a week on cotton sheets in a former hayloft.


Brûlerie des Gobelins (Paris)

Located in the fifth arrondissement of the capital, our coffee supplier favors producers working in agroforestry and gives great importance to the traceability of the beans and biological farming. The result is fair-trade coffee of exceptional quality that reflects its terroir. The machine used by the artisans and master roasters of the Brûlerie des Gobelins dates back to 1975.

Let the aromas be tempted by the aromas of the Tour d'Argent blend made with three Arabicas Grands Crus.

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Baccarat (Meurthe-et-Moselle)

The House specialized in crystal sculpture under the reign of Louis XV during the 18th century. Its artisans perpetuate precious expertise, for which fifteen years are necessary to master all of its gestures and subtilities. Baccarat is nowadays the luxury House counting the greatest number of Best French Craftsmen. Excellence, passion, and artisanship unify our institution to Baccarat.

The iconic Tour d'Argent duck was imagined by the designer and sculptor Thomas Bastide, whose crystal is the favorite material. This emblem of exception magnifies the elegance of our tables and participates in the creation of a unique experience for each guest who makes us the honor to come to Tour d'Argent.


Riedel (Austria)

The company was born in 1756 in the former kingdom of Bohême and is the first to makes research and recognize the importance of the glass shape in wine tasting. In Kufstein, the glass masters of Riedel blow the glass piece by piece. This tradition is nowadays perpetuated by the heirs of the eleventh generation, a family story that naturally echoes ours. The company is recognized for the high-end production of its glasses and places itself as a worldwide leader through its ingenious innovations.

Our engraved Tour d'Argent glasses dedicated to four different varietals magnify the table and each second of tasting.


Le Jacquard Français (Gérardmer)

The weaver is located in the historic region of Lorraine since 1861. It offers expertise and remarkable quality in the production of linen and became a reference over time, succeeding in renewing itself meanwhile perpetuating a tradition of excellence. The House masters the art of weaving and the choice of the most beautiful threads, giving birth to refined collections reflecting ancestral gestures.

The Tour d'Argent kitchen linen is finely woven by hand in 100% cotton.


Maison Bergan (Fleurbaix)

The House was founded by a textile ingenieur in 1993, and over time became an expert in the production of very high-quality linen. The passionate sewers create, realize, and cut by hand the fabrics with meticulosity in the workshops located in the north of France.

Care, rigor, and excellence are their keywords.

Our aprons are specially embroidered for us in 100% cotton.