Preserves & honey

Preserves & honey

Our biscuits and jams are the perfect companions for gourmet pleasure. Those ancient recipes twisted by the Tour d'Argent cooks will please adults and children thanks to their authentic taste.

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Tulameen raspberry jam with Tour d'Argent Champagne
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Marianne strawberry jam with Kalamansi juice
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Set of 3 exceptional honey harvested in the Gâtinais
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Preserves & honey

The creativity of our Chef Yannick Franques and the unique expertise of Stephan Perrotte offer you the best sweet fine food to start the day: artisanal jam-maker, Stephan Perrotte chooses fruits of the season, picked fully riped, and perpetuates traditional methods with slow cooking in copper cauldrons. This expertise combined with the exclusive recipes of Tour d’Argent gives birth to original fruity preparations that everyone will love. Discover the artisanal and gluten-free jams of our deli shop: apricot jam, fig jam, and rhubarb jam for spring-summer, orange jam, and grapefruit jam in the fall and winter. For breakfast or for Sunday brunch, on country bread or by the spoon, in pastry recipes and desserts, cake preparations, to spread on pancakes or tart bottoms… You will for sure find the ideal jam on our online shop. 

The Perrotte House offers you to rediscover the flavor of raspberries, the taste of blueberries, and the fruitness of a traditional recipe that pays tribute to seasonality and fruits picked at their full ripeness. Give in to the temptation of our red fruit jams: strawberry jam, raspberry jam, and blueberry jam, from French cultures. Our jams without added sugar are to be spread on crackers, gourmet bread, or brioche, to sweeten a plain yogurt or cottage cheese. Compose the ideal gift for those with a sweet tooth by adding to your hamper our certified organic chocolate spread made in France, the fruit of an exceptional association between hazelnut cream and cocoa. Biscuits & babas, confectionery, chocolate, coffee, tea & infusions, cauldron jams, chocolate spread, apple sauce, and cereals, find our delicious selection on the Epicerie Tour d’Argent.

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