Purple Fig Jam

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Elaborated exclusively for La Tour d'Argent, by Stéphan Perrotte, best confiturier in the world 2015, this artisanal preparation is based on purple figs picked at full maturity.

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    Pure greed with a refreshing note that oscillates between sweet and sour flavours.

    Stéphane Perotte, a jam maker, is a passionate man who is always looking for new recipes. Mastering traditional know-how and cooking science, he is looking for fruits, spices, aromatic plants, unknown or rare to revive their authentic tastes. He opened his jam-making business in Vaudelnay and continued to do so for the next two years: he was the only French jam maker to win the Concours du Meilleur Confiturier de France (2014) and the World Jam Championship (2015).

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