Sweet delicatessen Tour d'Argent


For moments full of greed, alone or to share. Ancestral recipes enhanced by the know-how of the Tour d'Argent teams for sweets, with an authentic taste for young and old alike.

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Mount Gay rum babas
(2 reviews)
Marianne strawberry jam with kalamansi juice
(1 review)
Crêpes Mademoiselle, iconic dessert from La Tour d'Argent
(4 reviews)
Butter biscuits
€18.01 -50%
(1 review)
Purple fig jam
(1 review)
Tulameen raspberry jam with Tour d'Argent Champagne
€12.23 -50%
(1 review)
Chocolate babas with Fine Champagne
(2 reviews)
Set of 3 exceptional honey harvested in the Gâtinais
(1 review)
Apricot jam with blackcurrant pepper
(1 review)

sweet delicatessen

Welcome to the ultimate temple of sweetness, the epicurean meeting place where tradition and sharing rhyme, between all generations. Wrap your daily life in sweetness with our collection of sweet delicatessen products: exclusive recipes elaborated by our Executive Chef Yannick Franques combining know-how and modernity. Indulge in a sweet break and savor our must-haves. In our quest for excellence, we have sought to develop the original recipes of our Chef Yannick Franques by surrounding ourselves with the best artisans who share the same philosophy. These creations are made to be shared and enjoyed by young and old alike!

Enjoy a rare taste experience made of simple and regressive pleasures. A world of delights to take with you, ready to slip into a bag for the pleasure of the senses and the flavors of childhood rediscovered. A treat for the eyes and the taste buds, to be consumed without moderation! The best of the sweet delicatessen is also found in tasting boxes that combine the pleasure of the senses and gustatory balance. Our selection of sweets will delight all sweet tooths who like an elegant break: full-fruit jams, exclusive Tour d'Argent recipes, organic hazelnut and cocoa spreads, Crêpes Mademoiselle, exclusive Tour d'Argent recipes for chocolate and rum babas, chocolate bars, exclusive Tour d'Argent tea blend, exclusive Tour d'Argent coffee blend, small butters and Breton palets, confectionery, cookies...

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