Tour d'Argent Ceylan tea blend

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Its very subtle but tonic fragrance makes it ideal in the morning.

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    A little history...

    According to Chinese legend, the use of tea as a beverage appeared in the year 2737 BC, when leaves were said to have fallen from a tree into the hot water that Emperor Shennong had boiled to quench his thirst. The latter would have appreciated the beverage and its consumption would have become widespread. More verifiably, tea would have appeared in China, during the Western Han dynasty (-206 BC - 24). The first teas arrived in Europe on Dutch ships in 1606, and in 1636 in France. Racine and Mazarin were particularly fond of it... Tea is the most widespread drink on the planet, after water of course...

    Land and transformations...

    In fact, it is the case with teas as with great wines: the terroir, the climatic conditions, the transformations carried out within the plantations can vary the quality of the great tea vintages. Hand-picking is also a guarantee of quality, to preserve the leaf until the different stages of processing: withering (18 to 32 hours) removes some of the moisture present in the fresh leaves. Rolling (30 minutes): the leaves are rolled, this has the effect of breaking the cells of the leaf which will release enzymes allowing a better fermentation. Oxidation (1 to 3 hours): the leaves are put to rest in a warm and humid room. Drying (20 minutes): to stop the fermentation, the leaf is heated to 90°. Sifting: this involves sorting the leaves and packing them.

    • Capacity - 100 grams
    • Category - Tea and infusion