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André Terrail and Chef Yannick Franques are happy to present the Tour d'Argent duck to cook at home. Place your order before Sunday for delivery from the following Thursday to France, Monaco, Spain, Belgium, and Luxembourg only.

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our ducks

André Terrail, holder of the Tour d'Argent's secrets, and our Chef Yannick Franques are pleased to present the Tour d'Argent duck to cook at home. Emblem of our restaurant celebrated by historic expertise since 1890, our famous duck is raised in the open air in the greatest respect of the tradition at Challans in Vendée, and is fed cereals and the little treasures nature has to offer it. Inherited by Frédéric Delair who was the first to conceptualize the recipe by codifying every gesture, this impressive ceremony built the fame of the restaurant. To pay it tribute, the pressed duck is also called Delair duck from its inventor's name, and each serving continues to be enumerated. To answer the criteria of selection of our House, only the noble parts of the duck are preserved and protected, revealing incomparable tenderness and flavor.

Imagined for 4 people, it comes in a Tour d'Argent box along with the advice of our Chef Yannick Franques, who will guide you to make the best of your diner. Eventually, to make it even more gourmet, the Chef also imagined, under the impulse of the owner André Terrail, a collection of salts and sauces that will accompany the duck to make it unique. Inspired by our old family recipes, the Chef has developed three variations: Mazarine with orange, Marco Polo with green pepper, and Mac Arthur with red wine. A collection to season the meat and get a perfect result, worthy of the restaurant.

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