Tour d'Argent collection

Tour d'Argent collection

Discover the exceptional wines selected by our Head Sommelier. Proud of the bonds of friendship and trust that unite La Tour d’Argent and its winemakers, he pays tribute to their work, know-how, and passion.

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2016 - 2021


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Tour d'Argent collection

Unique bonds of friendship and trust unite the Tour d’Argent and its winemakers, paying tribute to their work, expertise, and passion. Big estates and little exploitations work directly with our Head Sommelier Victor González to offer you wines reflecting their terroir, climates, and soils. Between Burgundy, Provence, Bordeaux, the Rhone Valley, and the Loire Valley, the wines labeled Tour d'Argent are perfect to discover the PDO vineyards of the best French wine regions. This collection of wines is exclusively available in our online shop and in our Parisian store. Choose to click and collect or get delivered fast in France and Europe. 

The Tour d’Argent cuvées come directly from the properties. They are exclusive and bottled by women and men passionate about their work: the Caves de Rauzan, Château Castelot, Domaine Claude Riffault, Château Cantegril, Château du Seuil, Château des Roques, Château La Croix de Pez, Domaine Longue Tubi, and Château Vieux Chevrol. In order to choose the ideal wine for you, let the advice of our expert sommeliers guide you, and navigate in-between wines of protected designation of origin, such as Saint-Emilion Grand Cru, Sancerre, or Vacqueras. To prolong the experience, order our personalized Riedel wine glasses, perfect to enjoy the Tour d'Argent organic Bordeaux wine or our great Burgundy wine. Explore the wine world and treat your dear ones with a gift that will reflect the French lifestyle.

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