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Our Head Sommelier's gems

Discover the exceptional wines selected by our Head Sommelier. Proud of the bonds of friendship and trust that unite La Tour d’Argent and its winemakers, he pays tribute to their work, know-how, and passion.

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Our Head Sommelier's gems

Proud of the bonds of friendship and trust that unite La Tour d’Argent and its winemakers, discover the exceptional wines selected for you. Pampered and raised in our legendary cellars by our Sommelier Chef, he pays tribute with this exclusive selection, to work, know-how, and passion to the men of the vine and wine. Share our passion and treat yourself to these exclusive bottles that are bought and offered also by 3 & 6 bottles. Nice tasting! The glorious treasures of the cellars, the bottles of high memory find in our vaults their case of election. Among the 400,000 bottles resting here are a few trophies, collectibles, or specimens that were chosen from incomparable years. All these treasures were saved from the German occupation during the Second World War by Claude Terrail who himself made part of the cellars on the night of June 14, 1940.

Wine is a lord whose nobility comes from afar. In history or legend, everything begins with the cupbearer... The cupbearer of La Tour d’Argent!... A team of distinguished sommeliers, chief curators of this living museum, and guardians of these liquid treasures. They know that long patience gives each bottle its genius. A thousand and a thousand bottles, here, take the time to reflect on the honor of appearing one day on your table. Respect their meditation! Please listen, good people, the sommelier speaks well. A unique cellar with a thousand scents where are mixed smells of peach, apricot, banana, floral bouquet, violet or réséda, or peony, or linden and so many other scents, musk, amber, venison, tobacco, the leather of Russia. All this knowledge, friends, is at your service; all this work, will be honored to recommend to you the bottle that will be forever engraved in your memory.

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