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Oils, vinegar & mustards

Fruit of our attachment to the craftsmanship and our passion for good products, these remarkable condiments are small aromatic jewels. Culinary specialties from the best raw materials that will enhance each of your dishes.

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Oils, vinegar & mustards

These condiments are true aromatic gems and reflect our attachment to excellence and artisanal expertise. French olive oil from Provence, Banyuls vinegar, original mustard, our online shop, and deli in Paris offer you the best products, PDO, and from little producers, that put lights on the French expertise. Our extra virgin olive oil is the ideal seasoning for your mixed salads but also exceptional dishes. Its unique taste and vibrant aromas pay tribute to the terroir of the Baux-de-Provence Valley. The olives cultivated on our dedicated parcel are harvested in October, in total respect of tradition and the environment, making it a PDO olive oil with multiple properties and benefits.

The Tour d’Argent works with the artisanal vinegar factory La Guinelle in order to propose you exceptional vinegar. Eventually, to season your daily recipes, you will find our range of French mustards: old-fashioned mustard, honey mustard, or mustard from grape must… You will find a great choice of gourmet products in the high-end shop of our gastronomic restaurant: Provence olive oil, artisanal mustard, and the best vinegar to cook, to add next time in your marinade or delicious summer salad.

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