Les Automnales - L'Épicerie Tour d'Argent

Les Automnales

Discover every Friday night from September 22 to October 22 a selection of exceptional bottles, only available online. Enjoy nearly 450 ready-to-drink references, initially reserved for our restaurant, in very limited stock.

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Les automnales

Between Friday, September 22, and Sunday, October 22, succumb to our exceptional sale, only available online and constituted of nearly 450 references of ready-to-drink wines, initially reserved for the guests of our historic restaurant Tour d'Argent. This unique and tailored selection made by our Head Sommelier Victor González is composed of both the most emblematic crus of the French terroirs and unfairly less-known appellations. Each bottle aged in our famous cellars is stamped with the mark of our House, which guarantees its origin and storage in optimal conditions.

During this wine fair, you will find confidential vintages, accessible price bottles, and exceptional Grands Crus, chosen to give you a complete view of the treasures the Tour d'Argent cellar is hiding. Let our experts guide you through their thoughts on the vintage, a short description of the estate, and pairing tips. As time and eras are passing by, some labels may be damaged, they can be less visible than the photo you see online. 

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