Old fashioned sardines vintage 2020

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Limited edition illustrated by the artist Paul Moal. These exceptional sardines are the fruit of artisanal fabrication. Preserved four months before being put on sale, they age very well and improve with time.

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    Cannery Pointe de Penmarc'h

    Established in 1920 near the harbor of Guilvinec, it distinguishes by its fine tins, and is committed to a transparent and sustainable process, from fishing methods to the selection of the fish, and work conditions. Fish are canned still fresh and by hand. The quality of the ingredients, their traditional methods, and authentic flavors will transport your palate to the ocean.

    Ingredients: sardines, extra virgin olive oil, salt.

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    • Capacity - 115 gr net whom 87 gr of fish
    • New - Yes
    • Category - Treasures of the sea