Beaulieu cheese 200g

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Format : half.

It is all about mildness and unctuosity. Made with the high-quality milk of cows fed with prairie grass and hay dried on-site.

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    This raw milk cheese is mild and creamy and reflects all the richness of its terroir. A unique and authentic taste that will please every cheese-lover.

    The Fromentellerie

    This holistic biological farm is located in Pécy (Seine-et-Marne) and belongs to the De Fromentel family for seven generations. Nowadays directed by Yves, it aims at the perpetuation of a virtuous cycle and what is produced is recycled on-site! The herd of 90 cows is exclusively fed with forage and cereals cultivated on the farm of 240 hectares and it has only Jersiaise and Montbéliarde breeds because of their high-fat content. Animals are only milked once a day to preserve the quality of the aromas in the milk.

    • Region - Parisian region
    • Certification - Organic
    • Capacity - 200 grams
    • Category - Creamery