Semi-salted butter from the restaurant

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At La Tour d'Argent, butter is sacred. We chose the best and especially a local butter produced in Ozouer le Voulgis, near Paris.

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    Geoffroy Champin of the Chalotterie farm makes it, especially for your pleasure: it is organic and made from the tasty milk of his Jersey and Montbéliarde cows. Its buttercup colour is the sign of the very high quality of the meadows they graze.

    The Chalotterie farm

    The family exploitation dates back from Middle-Age and is located in Seine-et-Marne 45 kilometres from Paris, in the commune of Ozouers-le-Voulgis. The owner Geoffroy Champin raises in the open-air his Jersiaises cows, renowned for the high-fat content of their milk, that gives an irresistible unctuosity. Geoffroy only milks his animals once a day to preserve the concentration of the milk aromas. He is a supporter of biological agriculture and pays high attention to the durability of his processes and to the balance of the biodiversity around.

    • Region - Parisian region
    • Certification - Organic
    • Capacity - 250 gr
    • Category - Creamery