Tour d'Argent silver-plated goblet

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It has adorned our tables for several generations and brings to your lunches and dinners a supreme touch of elegance. Water thus becomes a divine drink. It is also an eternal gift for the people you love.

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    For generations, it has graced our tables and given your lunches and dinners a supreme touch of elegance. Water becomes a divine beverage.

    It is also an eternal gift for your loved ones.

    Possibility of personalized engraving - Lead time to be expected.

    Care tips

    Wash it by hand before using it for the first time, with neutral dishwashing liquid, without any synthetic perfume.

    You can then put it in the dishwasher if respecting some precautions:

    - Only use washing powder without chlorine or citric acid, and avoid multifunction tablets;

    - Do not put the goblet into the dishwasher the first time after adding regenerative salt to it;

    - Follow the machine's notice relative to the water hardness, hard water rich in limestone is corrosive;

    - Pay attention to the other elements put at the same time in the dishwashing machine, ingredients like eggs, lemon, mustard, or fish can cause the goblet to yellow;

    - At the end of the cycle, we advise you to slightly open the dishwasher door for the atmosphere to not remain saturated in steam, and to wipe off the goblet if still wet.

    If you do not wash the goblet right after use, we recommend rinsing it with lukewarm water.

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    • Category - Dinnerware
    • Material - Silver plated metal