Moussonné coffee, Malabar Coast (India)

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This 100% Kent Arabica is roasted in Paris by the historic Brûlerie des Gobelins. It will offer you racy and woody aromas.

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    You will taste intense notes of patchouli, tobacco leaves, and iris.

    The coffee trees of Malabar are planted between 1,000 and 1,500 meters high and benefit from a tropical climate, heavy rains, and marine winds. Therefore the global temperature remains around 27 Celsius degrees and enables a slow maturation of the coffee cherries. Protected from the insects by the forest and the birds living there, the coffee is harvested between May and June.

    To obtain "moussonné" coffee, the beans are dried in the open air and brassed regularly always to be exposed to ambient humidity. They are then packed and stored to be exposed to monsoon winds until the beans get golden.

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    • Capacity - 250 grammes
    • Category - Coffee