Our delicatessen

Gifting a Tour d'Argent product is always an unforgettable moment.


As an ambassador of Parisian elegance, a communicator of our producers' passion to our clients, the heir to a gastronomic heritage and the French art of living, Tour d'Argent wishes to share through its fine food selection all its expertise and taste for beautiful and good products.

Over time, we enriched our range of savoury and sweet fine foods elaborated with the exclusive recipes of our Chef Yannick Franques; he surrounded himself with the expertise of the best French artisans to create exceptional products. We also developed a new range of products made by the Chef and his brigade within the kitchen of the restaurant. It is wholeheartedly inspired by the Tour d’Argent culinary history where meet great classics and emblematic recipes that are still served in the restaurant nowadays.

We also propose wines and exceptional bottles selected by our Head Sommelier. The strong and privileged bonds he created with our winemakers allow us now to offer you exceptional wines aged in our legendary cellar, and a collection of Tour d'Argent wines. Over the year, we enrich our range to offer you the only best thanks to these precious collaborations.

We want to accompany your events with thoughtful fine food products. We imagined them for you to enjoy the excellence, and be able to give rhythm to every shared moment in couple, with family, and friends

To invite Tour d'Argent at your table is the choice of taste, quality and origin, for the products we elaborate for you.

Celebrate your most intense moments with our exceptional products, and let enter the French art of living for the greatest pleasure of your loved ones.