Grands Crus Champagnes

There's a real love story between La Tour d'Argent and Champagne!

When opening a bottle, Claude Terrail always said: TO MY FRIENDS, TO MY LOVES, ALWAYS CHAMPAGNE!

For more than 50 years, we have been collaborating with Maison R&L Legras, today run by Julien and Stéphanie Barbier, who support us in the production of our Champagne for our own vintages.

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Six vintages in which the elegance of the finest Chardonnays from the Côte des Blancs, all from terroirs classified as Grand Cru, prevails. A rich range that will, thanks to its diversity, delight the most exacting of palates.

All La Tour d'Argent Champagnes are served at our tables.

© Thomas Campion


Only 17 out of 300 communes are entitled to the Grand Cru appellation. All our white Champagnes are from exceptional terroirs. A transparent colour with fine bubbles. An elegant nose of citrus fruits and slightly toasted bread. On the palate, it reveals the great finesse typical of white wines. A slightly acidic finish reminiscent of English boiled sweets. To be served chilled but not ice-cold, to allow all the flavours to be expressed, the Tour d'Argent Grand Cru Champagne is a light, subtle and refined champagne, ideal for an apéritif.

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Absolute deliciousness! A secret garden for connoisseurs, this rare and unique rosé champagne enchants the both palate and the senses. It's colour, rose petals and terracotta roof tiles, shines brightly. Aromas of red berries are dominated by fresh raspberry and wild blackberry. Tender and full on the palate, with a lively mineral finish. The Tour d’Argent Rosé Champagne provides much gastronomic imagination, pairing with grilled lobster, duck à l’orange or simply to be enjoyed chilled for a special moment.

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